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संहिता , संस्कृत एवं सिद्धांत विभाग कौमारभृत्य (बालरोग) विभाग काय चिकित्सा विभाग शल्य तंत्र विभाग शालाक्य तंत्र विभाग पंचकर्म विभाग क्रिया शारीर विभाग रचना शारीर विभाग द्रव्यगुण विभाग रोग निदान विभाग रसशास्त्र एवं भैषज्य कल्पना विभाग अगद तंत्र विभाग स्वस्थवृत्त एवं योग विभाग प्रसूति तंत्र एवं स्त्री रोग विभाग
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काय चिकित्सा विभाग पंचकर्म विभाग शल्य तंत्र विभाग शालाक्य तंत्र विभाग प्रसूति तंत्र एवं स्त्री रोग विभाग कौमारभृत्य (बालरोग) विभाग स्वस्थवृत्त एवं योग विभाग चिकित्सा अधिकारी
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About Us

The foundation of Government Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Muzaffarnagar was laid in the year of 1975 in the Rampur villlage, It was done by great effort of shiksha Rishi His Holiness Swami Kalyan Dev ji Maharaj through donation of land with villagers of Rampur. Swami Kalyan Dev (1876-2004) was the follower of well known spiritual saint Swami Viveka Nand Ji & Swami Shrashanand Ji (Founder of famous Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar). He was a saint ascetic who worked in the field of education and social reform specially girls education in rural areas of western U.P. & many states through out his life. Swamiji founded more than 300 education institutions in western U.P., Haryana & Rajasthan. He was awarded the Shri Gulzari Lal Nanda honesty award, padma Shree & one of the supreme award for civilian 'Padma Bhusha' by the honourable President of India. This college administration under his hand upto 1975 to 1978, after that it undertaken by U.P. Government. Since then its administrative control is under Director, Ayurveda and Secretary, Medical Education AYUSH, Ministry of AYUSH U.P. Government.

Principal Message

Ayurveda is our basic ancient medical science as well as our life style since thousands of years. During Covid pandemic Ayurveda gained much popularity due to its preventive and curative aspects with minimal side effects. Swami Kalyan Dev Govt. Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Muzaffarnagar is a 60 Bedded Hospital with all facilities for providing excellent Ayurvedic therapies like Panchkarma, Kshar- sutra , Agni karma, Jaloka Karma, Swarnaprashan, Yoga etc. to the public since 1978 Under U.P. Govt. OPDs are running with skilled Specialised Consultants in Kayachikitsa, Shalya, Shalakya, Prasuti & Stri Rog, Balrog (Kaumarbhritya), Swasthavritta & Yoga, Panchkarma and Rog Nidan (Pathology). We are providing the best Ayurvedic treatment for various diseases in our hospital . Institution has 75 seats for B.A.M.S. students . Institution campus is going to develop with more facilities in future in different fields of Ayurveda We as a team are also completely involved in various National Programs, Medical Camps, Ayurvedic Medicine Distribution in Covid-19 pandemic as directed by AYUSH Deptt. U.P. Govt.

Prof. Devendra Joshi
Principal & Superintendent

प्रो० देवेंद्र जोशी

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  Swami Kalyan Dev Govt. Ayurvedic College & Hospital
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